To be our Official IPTV Reseller, you will need to purchase Credits, after buying credits we will send you your login and access for the reseller panel :
Reseller Panel Features :
Trial accounts ( you can create free test for your customers)
Credit Base (Easily yon can add credits into your reseller account and create new clients. )

Price for reseller
– One day FREE
– One month{1 credit}
– Three months{3 credits}
– Six months {6 credits}
– 12 months {10 credits}
Minimum to become a reseller is 150 USD, the credit does not expire at all you can keep credit until you sell all.
Discount for credit
Payment 150 USD = 50 credits (0% credit bonus)
Payment 260 USD = 100 credits (15% credit bonus)
Payment 500 USD = 200 credits (20% credit bonus)

Extend (You can renew your expired clients via panel)
24/7 Support (100% support)
MAG Device (you can setup accounts for Mag Devices)
Sub Resellers(You can Have your Own Sub Resellers) and many more features